What are the types of bailment?

Types of Bailments

Bailment may broadly be classified into two categories, namely,

  • Gratuitous bailment, and
  • Non-gratuitous bailment.

1. Gratuitous Bailment

A bailment with no considerations is called a gratuitous bailment. In this kind of bailment neither the bailor, nor the bailee is entitled to any remuneration or reward. Such a bailment may be for the exclusive benefit of either party, i.e., the bailor or the bailee, discussed as below.

Bailment for the exclusive benefit of the bailor

In this case the bailor delivers the goods for the exclusive benefits and the bailee does not derive any benefit out of it.

For example, “A” leaves his pets with “B”, his neighbour to be looked after during A’s physical absence. In this case, A alone is being benefited by the bailment. Or, if you park your car in your neighbour’s premises to be taken care in your absence, you as a bailor derive the exclusive benefit from the bailment.

Bailment for the exclusive benefit of the bailee

This is the case where a bailor delivers the goods to the bailee for the exclusive benefits of the bailee and does not gain anything from the contract himself.

For example, you lend your book to a friend of yours for a week without any charge or favour. In this case the recipient of the book as a bailee, is the sole beneficiary of this transaction of bailment.

2. Non-Gratuitous Bailment

Contrary to gratuitous bailment, a non-gratuitous bailment or bailment for reward is one that involve some consideration passing between the bailor and the bailee. Obviously in this case the delivery of goods takes place for the mutual benefit of both the parties.

For example, “A” hires “B’s” car. Here B is the bailor and receives the hire charges and A is the bailee and enjoys the use of the car. Similarly, when you give your PC or laptop for repair to some techie, both you and the computer techie are going to be benefited by this contract – while you get your computer repaired, he gets his fees or charges.

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