Top 5 Unethical Business Practices against Consumers

Unethical Business Practices Against Consumers

Consumers in a market-oriented economy occupy the first place. Their position is unique in a buyer’s market. In spite of this fact, our businessmen indulge in the following unethical practices, which go against the interest of the consumers.

Top 5 unethical business practices

Image: Top 5 unethical business practices

1. Adulteration: Adulteration is a frequently adopted device to maximize profit. It creates serious health problems. Adulteration goes to the extent that it may even take the lives of the consumers. In an economy of acute shortages and in an era of inflation, demand is always in excess of the supply. This being the case all over the world, our country is no exception to this.

2. Spurious Products: Spurious product means a product, which bears the name of another product or imitation of a particular product. Selling spurious product is another unethical practice widely practiced by our business people. Even medicines have not been spared.

Sometimes plain water is found in life saving injections. Glucose bottles either contain very little glucose or it is contaminated. Drugs time barred are sold by changing their labels. Some Doctors are also encouraging such people for their personal ends disregarding the welfare of the society as a whole.

3. Duplicates: Not only the imported products but even popular brands of Indian products are also duplicated. Detergents, soaps, soft drinks, jams etc. are duplicated and sold under popular brand names. Even bread, which is used by the common man, is duplicated.

4. Injurious Products: This is not a problem peculiar to our country alone. It is more widely practiced particularly in developed countries. Products, which have been proved to be health hazards are manufactured and sold purely for private gains.

5. Deceptive Advertisement: False and misleading advertisements have become a common practice among our businessmen. Figures and photographs of ladies are frequently used to tempt the consumers. Some advertisements make tall claims about the product advertised. These practices are now considered as unfair trade practices.

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