Top 5 Advantages of E-Commerce to Consumers

Advantages of E-Commerce to Consumers

E-Commerce offers the following advantages to consumers.

1. Wide range of products and services

Electronic commerce through internet enables the customers to choose a product or service of their choice from any vendor anywhere in the world. Due to space constraint, a vendor can stock only a minimum amount of goods in the physical store.

A virtual store enables a business organization to stock a lot of goods without considering the inventory cost. Hence, a business also provides a lot of choice to consumers to choose a product of his /her choice.

2. Convenience

Customers can buy any product from anywhere in the world without moving away from their workplace or home through internet. Due to bad weather, people may restrict their shopping even if necessity arises. E-commerce provides convenience to buy goods or services without causing any physical constraints to the consumers.

3. Saves money

The cost incurred by the business on the middlemen generally falls on the consumer. Since the middlemen are eliminated, the customer is free from bearing the cost of the middlemen. To attract customers and to combat competitors, several business organizations offer product and services at cheaper price.

Certain goods like e-books, music audio clips, software can be purchased and delivered through internet. It saves cost for the buyers.

4. Saves time

Time saving is one of the prime benefits of online shopping. Time taken for selection, buying and paying for an online product may not take more than 15 minutes; the products are delivered to customers’ door steps within a week. It saves delivery time for the buyers.

5. Adequate information

Internet is used as a main vehicle to conduct transactions in e-business. Internet allows customers to search for product information, compare the prices and benefits and finally evaluate its value before committing purchase.

Through internet, customers can get their queries clarified and track their delivery status when the goods are being sent to them. If any doubts arise while handling the products, the customers can easily contact the business through internet.

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