Top 10 Nature of Advertising

Nature of Advertising

The following are the nature of advertising.

Top 10 Nature of Advertising

Top 10 Nature of Advertising

1. Element of Marketing Mix

Advertising is an important component of the promotion mix. Promotion mix in turn is a component of marketing mix. Price, product, promotion and physical distribution are the four main elements in a marketing mix. Unless the promotion mix is effective, the other elements of marketing, viz., price, product and physical distribution cannot achieve their respective objectives.

2. Promotion Mix

Advertising is an essential element in the promotion mix. Personal selling, sales promotion, publicity and advertising are the four elements in the promotion mix. Advertising has been considered as the most effective method of promotion. For, it creates demand, stimulates sales, and reaches customers quickly and effectively. An advertisement is mass communication, the other media of promotion are individual communication or face-to-face communication.

3. Mass Communication

Mass communication is the basic purpose of advertising. Advertising not merely conveys information to only one person but to a very large group of persons who may be expected to purchase the article. The mass communication media such as radio, television, newspapers, billboards and magazines, etc., are used for advertising purposes, even though print media have been adopted in many countries for mass communication. Electronic media have now become more popular for advertising purposes. Television is one of the most effective media of advertising.

4. Messages

An advertisement carries a message which motivates and inspires customers to purchase a particular product. It gives information on the attributes of the goods and services advertised. The voice and sight combine together and make the message very effective. The visual effect plays an important role in carrying the messages, which is provided by advertising.

5. Price of Advertising

Advertising activity is undertaken by advertising agencies which are professional organizations and charge a price for advertising Space, time, language, etc., are sold by advertising agencies.

6. Sponsor

An advertisement is sponsored by some identified advertiser, disclosing ideas, messages and information.

7. Persuasive

An advertising message is persuasive and informative enough to motivate potential customers. The advertiser provides information to the prospects who are willing to purchase his goods and services. Advertising is the most efficient means of reaching the people. It has been pointed out that success in business depends on persuasion. Advertising informs, entertains and ultimately persuades a group or society to purchase the advertised products. Persuasion is an essential factor in advertising, for if an advertisement does not persuade, the message will be merely a piece of information.

8. Element of control

The time, place, message and direction of advertising are controlled to make them effective and purposive. The selection of the medium, message and time is carefully done to achieve the most economical results.

9. Identifiable

Advertising is identifiable from the sponsor’s point of view as well as from the point of view of audience. The message and presentation should be recognized by customers.

10. Target Group

Advertising aims at a target group. Although it does not distinguish between target and non-target group, it is basically designed to influence the target group. The factors such as the desire to buy, purchasing power, status, entertaining element and being attractive to suit the target group are considered carefully while preparing an advertisement.

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