Simple random sampling | Definition | Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Simple random sampling?

Simple random sampling means that every member of the sample is selected from the group of population in such a manner that the probability of being selected for all members in the study group of population is the same.

Simple random sampling

Image: Simple random sampling

In other words, sampling units are selected at random so that the opportunity of every sampling unit being included in the sample is the same. This is the basic method of sampling. In this method, numbers are assigned to every member in the study group of population. Then the sample would be selected from a table of random numbers or random selection.

We have already discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of sampling in general. Given here are the advantages of Simple random sampling.

Advantages of Simple random sampling:

The following are the advantages of simple random sampling:

1. One of the great advantages of simple random sampling method is that it needs only a minimum knowledge of the study group of population in advance.

2. It is free from errors in classification.

3. This is suitable for data analysis which includes the use of .

4. Simple random sampling is representative of the population

5. It is totally free from bias and prejudice

6. The method is simple to use.

7. It is very easy to assess the sampling error in this method.

Disadvantages of Simple random sampling

Simple random sampling suffers from the following demerits:

1. This method carries larger errors from the same sample size than that are found in stratified sampling.

2. In simple random sampling, the selection of sample becomes impossible if the units or items are widely dispersed.

3. One of the major disadvantages of simple random sampling method is that it cannot be employed where the units of the population are heterogeneous in nature.

4. This method lacks the use of available knowledge concerning the population.

5. Sometimes, it is difficult to have a completely cataloged universe.

6. It may be impossible to contact the cases which are very widely dispersed.

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