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Recruitment of Salesperson

The recruitment of salesperson shall start with the task of determining the number of people to be inducted into the organization.

Sources of recruitment of salespersons

Sources of recruitment of salespersons

The number of salespersons required will depend upon such factors as the number of customers (existing and potential), the number of times the customers need to be contacted and the time required, etc. It is important that the organization has the right number of salespersons. The number shall neither be more nor less.

The next step is to specify the authority and responsibility associated with the salesperson’s job. This is what is known as job description. The functions to be performed by the salespersons will have to be specified.

As the third step, the requirements of the job should be made clear. That is, the qualification necessary to carry out the job has to be prescribed. This is what is known as job specification. The qualification for different categories of salespersons, i.e., indoor salespersons, service salespersons, traveling salespersons, etc., will have to be determined.

Sources of recruitment of salespersons

The following are some of the sources of recruitment of salespersons.

1. Recruitment of Salespersons from among the existing employees

Preference may be given to the existing employees of the concern. Employees working in other departments may be considered if they possess the desired qualification, aptitude and attitude for a sales career. Some of the advantages of selecting from within the organization are:

1. They can be easily assessed, as their service records are already available.

2. Such people are supposed to be more loyal and sincere.

3. The initial training to be given (called induction training) is not necessary as they are already familiar with the organization.

4. Better control can be exercised over their activities as they are not strangers. To quote the proverb here ‘known devil is better than an unknown angel will be more appropriate.

5. As the person is already an employee of the concern, he need not be paid a very high remuneration.

Limitations of selecting salespersons from within organization

Selection from within the organization has certain limitations too. These are

  1. People without any aptitude for selling may get selected.
  2. As the selected persons are already employees of the same concern, they may adopt a casual approach towards the work.
  3. Such a method prevents dynamic youngsters, from outside the concern, from getting selected.

2. Recruitment of Salespersons through Newspaper advertisements

The vacancy may be notified by way of newspaper advertisements. The nature of work, the qualification expected, previous selling experience, salary offered, etc., will be usually specified in the advertisement itself. Interested persons may be asked to apply along with their bio-data within a stipulated time. Job seekers also advertise in newspapers. The employer may keep the particulars of such individuals and inform those who are found good.

3. Recruitment of Salespersons through Employment exchanges

The Government run employment exchanges may be contacted in this regard. The employer may request such employment exchanges to furnish a list of eligible candidates. There are also private employment consultants and bureaus that provide valuable information on such matters.

4. Recruitment of Salespersons through Campus interviews

Another popular method of recruitment these days is what is known as ‘campus interview’. By this it is meant that the employers will visit colleges and universities at a particular period of time every year and interview the students studying certain degree courses. Usually, the eligible final year students will be interviewed. Those found suitable will be given the placement orders immediately. Such selected persons can join the concerns after completing their degree course.

5. Recruitment of Salespersons from competitors

Salespersons working for the competitors may be lured with better perquisites. The ethics in such a practice has been a matter of controversy. The advantage of such an approach is that the salespersons selected are already well versed in the particular line of business and therefore can perform their work more effectively. Such people do not require much training. But the drawback of such an approach is that the salespersons may not be loyal. If some other businessman tempts them with even greater perquisites, they may ditch the present employer and go.

6. Recruitment of Salespersons from unsolicited applications

Renowned organizations receive a number of applications frequently from the unemployed graduates although the concern has not called for applications. The personnel department of the concern may maintain a record of all such applications for future consideration. Any candidate found suitable may be informed when a vacancy arises.

7. Recruitment of Salespersons by recommendation

Another important source of recruitment is that the employer may be informed of a suitable candidate for a job in the concern.
Such a recommendation may come either from an employee of the organization or from any friend or relative of the employer.

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