Records management | Advantages of good filing system

Filing is the core of records management. Only a good filing system ensures systematic preservation of various types of relevant information.

Advantages of good filing system

An efficient or good filling system provides the following advantages.

1. Efficiency: The office staff can easily locate and use the records properly without any delay under good filing system. This leads to savings in time and brings efficiency in office operations.

2. Ready Reference: Filing arrangement helps the office staff to refer the relevant papers and documents very quickly. Customers do not like to be asked to supply copies of the earlier communication but they can only indicate invoice number and/or reference number with date.

3. Protection: A good filing system protects the documents from possible loss or damage.

4. Planning: The business policy can be framed and planning of the project can be done by referring past records by the management, Hence, the documents provide a basis for future planning.

5. Better Control: The process of control is facilitated by good filing system. All the incoming and outgoing letters are properly checked and quick disposal of letter is possible if immediate attention is required by any letter.

6. Quality Decision: Filing enables the executives to take quality decision at time.

7. Evidence: In the case of a legal dispute, filing provides documentary evidence in the court of law.

8. Legal Compliance: Filing fulfills the legal obligation such as keeping documents according to income tax; value added tax and the like.

9. Follow Up: Filing facilitates the management in case of securing order from the customer and collecting dues from them also.

10. Goodwill: A good filing system enables the office staff to handle correspondence correctly and quickly. This creates and increases the goodwill of the business organization in the business world.

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