Personal qualities of Management Accountant

Management Accountant is an important person in every aspect of an organization. He plays a vital role in framing the policy and fixing procedures, preparation of budgets, determination of future course of action and the like. Hence, he is expected to possess some special qualities than others. If so, he can perform all the duties up to the exception of all levels of management. Some of the personal qualities expected from the management accountant are presented below.

Personal qualities of a Management Accountant

1. A personality acceptable to all types of employees of an organization. If so, he can convince all the employees during the emergency and risky period.

2. An ability to grasp the views of management very quickly.

3. An ability to prepare and present the desired information as early as possible.

4. An understanding of the role of functional managers and top executives of an organization.

5. A thorough knowledge of principles of management and its application in management practice.

6. A balanced outlook of all levels of management executives.

7. The ability to think and exchange opinions with top management about issues which focuses on the profitability and growth of the company.

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