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Mechanization of office - meaning, objectives, affecting fators
Image: Mechanization of office – meaning, objectives, affecting fators

Mechanization of Office

Modern office requires many machines and equipment for effective performance of assigned work. A large number of machines and equipment are available in the open market. These are used for different operations in an office. In the fast developing globalized business world, the application of machines and equipment is indispensable.

The reason is that there is a need of speedy, accurate, and efficient performance of office work. The extent of utilization of office appliances (i.e. machines and equipment) helps to reduce monotony, fatigue, and operating costs. Moreover, machines and equipment help human brain in efficient management of office operations. Hence, these machines and equipment are treated as labor helping devices or labor saving devices.

The optimum utilization of human resources is based on the application of types of machines and equipment. Generally, the mechanization of office work ensures proper and efficient functioning of office work. Hence, the office manager has to decide the using of machines and select the suitable machines and equipment for the office.

Factors affecting mechanization of office

According to J.C.Denyer, the utilization of machines in an office requires some amount of human operation, supervision and regular maintenance and the operators of these machines usually require special training before they can operate the machines. Therefore, the office work cannot be mechanized blindly.

The following factors should be considered at the time of mechanization of office work.

1. The procedure is adopted at present to perform a job and the extent of increasing efficiency if mechanical devices are introduced.

2. There must be a sufficient work for full utilization of machines.

3. The type of machines is necessary to employees.

4. There must be chance of reducing expenses in office operation.

5. Whether the machine is available in India or abroad.

6. Whether all the machines are necessary at one time or in phases. 7. It must be ensured that skilled employees are available to operate the machine or will be trained before purchasing them.

8. The extant of office space is available to install the machine.

9. Whether the machines can be repaired or not. A special care should be devoted for imported machine.

10. Whether spare parts of the machine are available in India freely, particularly for the imported machines.

11. Whether the existing employees will be retrenched by the introduction of machines or not.

12. The cost of the machine

Importance of Mechanization in office

Mechanization of office is necessary due to the following reasons.

1. Quick and effective performance of office work.

2. Accuracy of performance of work is possible.

3. A single machine can substitute two ore more persons. Hence, labor cost can be reduced.

4. Monotonous in the performance of work may be reduced;

5. Much information is collected in less time.

6. Detailed information may also be available.

7. Time can be saved by using machines.

8. The chances of fraud may be reduced in an office.

9. The collected data can be interpreted to take valid decision and exercise control with the help of computer.

10. The work procedure may be standardized.

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