Guidelines for better and effective Delegation

what is an effective delegation?

Effective Delegation is an art which requires that proper planning and organization should be developed beforehand. For this, the executive should know what his subordinates do at a particular time, what they need next and what it will require to be done.

For a delegation to be effective a manager should clearly instruct his subordinates what they are required to do, how it is to be done, when and where it is to done. To get the work done efficiently, the tasks or duties must be assigned to individuals concerned.

Guidelines for a better and successful delegation

The following guidelines should prove useful in making delegation better and effective:

1. The assignments should be clearly defined in terms of goals or results expected. Sufficient authority should be granted for doing the work.

2. There should be a two-way communication between the manager and the subordinates so that proper understanding could be established. Clear, unambiguous instructions, guidance should be given to the subordinates, when needed.

3. Outline of the job set must be clear and proper control limits and standards of performance should be prescribed.

4. Performance should be appraised periodically and feedback of information encouraged to keep the subordinate in self-improvement,.

5. Observance of principles of delegation like “parity of authority and responsibility“, “unit of command” and “creation of accountability” should be strictly adhered to.

6. The subordinates must be trusted and, as far as possible, there should be little interference in their work. The trust factor is the key to a successful delegation.

7. Managers must develop proper attitudes favorable for an effective delegation, viz.,

  • willingness to welcome ideas from subordinates;
  • willingness to delegate authority whenever required;
  • willingness to let others learn by mistakes/trial and error method; and
  • willingness to establish and use broad controls.

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