Geographical Classification of Files | Steps | Advantages | Disadvantages

Geographical Classification of Files

The papers or documents are classified and files on the basis of geographical origin. This system is suitable for the maintenance of sales records or customers accounts. The classification may be town wise, district wise, country wise or continent wise.

Geographical classification of files - Steps, Advantages, Disadvantages

Image: Geographical classification of files – Steps, Advantages, Disadvantages

Steps involved in Geographical Classification of Files

The following steps should be taken for geographical classification.

1. Geographical area or limit is to be defined which will make one unit. (For example: District)

2. All the districts are arranged in an alphabetical order. (For example Chennai, Coimbatore, Erode, KanyaKumari, and the like)

3. Within each district, town wise classification may be made and an alphabetical arrangement may also be made.

4. Within each town, the customers are classified and arranged alphabetically or numerically.

Advantages of Geographical Classification of Files

The advantages of a geographical classification are given below.

1. It helps in speedy location of files.

2. Direct filing is possible.

Disadvantages of Geographical Classification of Files

The disadvantages of geographical classification are listed below:

1. The geographical location should be known to the employee, if not so, misfiling may be taken place.

2. An index should be prepared, if not so, geographical classification will be no use.

3. This method should be combined with any other method of classification, if not so;better results cannot be obtained

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