Forms of Newspaper Advertising | Advantages | Disadvantages

Forms of Newspaper Advertising

There are various forms of advertising in newspapers. The advertisement can be given in the “Classifieds” columns of newspapers. It can also be given in any page and in any size as per the desire of the advertiser.

Newspaper Advertising - Forms, Advantages, Disadvantages

Newspaper Advertising – Forms, Advantages, Disadvantages

The advertisement may also be brought out in ‘news form’. At the end the word ‘ADVT’ is added to indicate that it is only an advertisement.

Sometimes, a series of advertisements is brought out in the same page and in the same place for a few days without any specific mention about the product or service. This creates an interest in the reader to look for the final message, which may be brought out after a few days.

Such a form of advertisement is known as “Teaser Advertisement“. Hutch, the cell phone company adopted such an approach while launching their service.

Advantages of Newspaper Advertising

1. It allows the advertisement matter to be brought out either in English or in any regional language.

2. The newspaper reaches every nook and corner and therefore its coverage is high.

3. As newspaper is published daily, the advertisement can be brought out quickly.

4. The newspaper also offers greater flexibility. The advertisement can be brought out according to the desire of the advertiser. He can bring it in any place and also in any page as per his wish. It allows scope for inserting pictures or photos along with the advertisement matter.

5. It is less expensive compared to advertising in other media.

6. The image of the newspaper becomes available to the advertiser and his product.

7. The cost of newspaper is less when compared to its benefits.

8. It contains something for everyone. Readership, therefore, is assured.

9. As it is read daily, continuous publicity is made available.

10. The public response to anything advertised in newspapers is generally spontaneous.

11. Advertisement can be given continuously and regularly.

12. The advertisement matter can even be lengthy.

Disadvantages of Newspaper Advertising

1. As the life of the newspaper is very short, it is difficult to make the advertisement create a lasting impression. Frequent advertising may become necessary.

2. The quality of the paper used is low. Therefore, desired visual effects may not be created.

3. There is no guarantee that the advertisement will be seen and read.

4. The advertisement matter will not reach the illiterate people

5. The advertisement may be carried to places where there may not be buyers for the product.

6. People read newspapers hurriedly. They may not, therefore, give much importance to advertisements.

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