Centralized filing system | Explanation | Advantages

What is Centralized filing system?

The records of all the departments of the business organization are maintained at one place i.e. centralized filing system. The centralized filing records are controlled by a common index plan. For which, a separate department is created i.e. known as filing department. All the files of the organization are preserved by this department. The functional departments of an organization are relieved from the headache of maintaining records. All files, filing equipment and filing staff are located in the filing department.

Advantages of Centralized Filing

The main advantages of centralized filing are as follows.

1. There is no duplication of filing arrangements. Therefore, cost of filing maintenance is very low.

2. There is better utilization of storage space.

3. Easy location of documents and records are possible. It saves time and human resources.

4. There is full utilization of storage space available.

5. Duplication of filling equipment is avoided at the maximum and required only few filing cabinets.

6. It enables uniformity and standardization of the filing system and method.

7. It ensures easy location and delivery of required documents.

8. This system utilizes trained and qualified staff which leads to greater accuracy in the filing of records.

9. This system ensures greater output and efficient operation of every work throughout the office.

10. Supervision and control can be employed in a better way on transfer of records, their retrieval and retention.

11. Records and documents are filed on subject wise basis.

12. This system ensures efficient operation of follow up activities.

13. The continuous operation of this system can not be hampered by the absence of any office staff.

14. The split of relevant documents at different location is avoided.

15. There is no difficulty to file users and filing department staff.

16. Integrity of files can be maintained and loss of valuable records can be prevented since the authorized staff alone permitted to access the files.

17. More effective administration of the retention of records schedule is facilitated.

18. The functional departmental heads are saved from the botheration of maintenance of records. They can devote their full time and attention on the departmental activities.

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