Benefits or Uses of Service Blueprint

A blueprint helps understand the totality of a service as a process. It provides a graphical depiction of the services. The service system blueprint simplifies service complexities by displaying the operation of an existing system. The benefits of service blueprinting can be explained as follows.

Service Blueprint

Image: Service Blueprint sample.

Benefits or uses of service blueprint

1. A blueprint is useful in several ways in managing a service. A blueprint can be used to improve the design for an existing service or to design a new service. When the current operation is explicit, managers know how they will operate in the future. The service system blueprint is task oriented. It describes about the object of the organization and enables the company to face its competition. It performs the task in such a way that the customers are attracted towards the organization.

2. A blueprint serves as a guide for implementing the service plan by showing the sequence of steps needed to deliver a service. It coordinates the work done by the service personnel in the organization by pointing out their role in the overall system.

3. Service unit managers employ blueprints in their decision-making activities. Decisions on setting the right strategy, resources allocation, integration of service functions, and performance evaluation, are taken with the help of  Service blueprints.

4. Detailed service blueprints help marketing and communication people. Marketing managers employ blueprint in consumer research in order to identify the key elements contributing to consumer satisfaction. Communication managers use them for the development of consumer materials for conveying the invisible actions.

5. Human resource managers use service blueprints in the preparation of job description, job specification, job evaluation, performance standards, training and appraisal schemes and compensation schemes.

6. Blueprinting reinforces a customer-oriented focus among employees.

7. It helps in identifying weak links in the chain of service activities and facilitates continuous quality improvement.

8. In blueprint, key action areas are separated by horizontal lines — The line of interaction represents the direct interaction between the customer and the organization. It illuminates the customer’s role and demonstrates where the customer experiences quality.

9. The line of visibility separates activities of the front office where customers obtain tangible evidence of the service from the back office processing. Thus, line of visibility determines what customers should see and which employee will be in contact with customers.

10. The service blueprint through line of internal interaction clarifies interfaces across departmental lines thereby strengthening continuous quality improvement.

11. Blueprint illuminates the elements and connections that constitute the service leading to effective strategic discussions between the service personnel and customers.

12. Blueprint provides a concrete basis for identifying and assessing cost, revenue and capital invested in each element of the service.

13. Blueprint supports both external and internal marketing. The advertising agency can select essential message for communication through an overview of a service.

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