Avoidable and Unavoidable causes of Labour Turnover

Causes of Labour Turnover

The problem of labour turnover cannot be solved if the causes of labour turnover are not known to the organization. Moreover, the causes of labour turnover are divided into two categories. They are avoidable causes and unavoidable causes.

Labour Turnover - Avoidable and unavoidable causes

Labour Turnover – Avoidable and unavoidable causes

Avoidable Causes of Labour Turnover

The following causes can be avoided if proper steps are taken by the organization.

1. Dissatisfaction with Wages: Some companies may pay minimum wages or low wages. So, the workers may be dissatisfied with their wages and leave from the organization.

2. Dissatisfaction with Working Environment: The workers are expected to work with poor lighting facility. Moreover, there is no adequate ventilation facility also. The sanitary condition is also very poor.

3. Dissatisfaction with the Job: A worker may do a job if the preferable job is not available for time being. If the right job or preferred job is available in any other organization, immediately, the workers may leave from the organization. Moreover, sometimes, the job is a hard one or unknown job to the concerned worker. The job may also be dangerous, noisy, dirty, oily, wet or smoky.

4. Dissatisfaction with Personnel Policies: Autocratic administration is followed in some organizations. There is a less scope for promotion and increments. Request for transfer may be refused. Leave is provided only after thorough investigation.

5. Lack of Medical, Recreational and Other Facilities: Adequate medical facilities are not available to workers. The workers may prefer to take refresh themselves. But, there are no recreation facilities in the organization.

6. Lack of Transport Facilities: The factory or the office may be situated from far away from their residence. Hence, the workers may find difficulty to reach the working place. But, the organization does not care about the transport facilities of the workers.

7. Dissatisfaction with Working Hours: The workers are requested to work more than normal working hours. Besides, there is no overtime payment for extra hours working. Sometimes, the workers are called for even holidays and night.

Unavoidable causes of Labour Turnover

The following causes cannot be avoided even though whatever the steps taken by the organization.

1. Personal Betterment: Some employees may leave from the organization to do a business. Moreover, high post with attractive salary may be available to the worker.

2. Family Circumstances: Most of the workers are resigned their jobs due to family circumstance.

3. Climatic Conditions: A worker may resign the job if the climate is not suitable to him/her.

4. Community Conditions: In some companies’ racial discrimination is followed. If so, some workers may prone to suffer from these disturbances, start moving out of the organization.

5. Physical Reasons: The body condition does not permit the worker to continue the job. Sometimes, ill health resulting from the conditions of employment, forces the workers to leave from the organization.

6. Marriages: Women got married may force them to leave from the organization. Moreover, pregnancy may change the mindset of the women. If so, they are, certainly, leave from the organization.

7. Retirement and Death: Old age is the cause for the retirement and death. These are inevitable causes. Hence, they terminate the service in the organization.

8. Migratory Nature: Some workers may prefer to move always from one company to another. There is no promotion or pay increase. Even though, they can leave from the company.

9. Dismissal or Discharge: Some workers may be dismissed or discharged from the company due to incompetence, inefficiency, insubordination and indifferent attitude of worker towards work. Sometimes, the co-workers may not adjust with some workers. They may be called as “chronic kicker”, “disturber” and “trouble maker”.

10. Redundancy: The redundancy may be due to many causes like seasonal trade, shortage of materials, lack of planning and lack of courage and foresight of higher management.

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