Alphanumeric filing | Advantages | Disadvantages

Alphanumeric filing

This type of classification is the combination of two filing types already discussed. i.e Alphabetical classification of files and Numerical classification of files

Alphanumeric filing - Explanation, Advantages, Disadvantages

Image: Alphanumeric filing – Explanation, Advantages, Disadvantages

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  1. Alphabetical Classification of files
  2. Numerical classification of files.

Either customer or subject folders are arranged in alphabetical group and within each group folders are arranged numerically.

For example, in an alphabetical group of “A”, correspondence with Albert may be given number A/1 and with Alex Jones number A/2 and so on.

Advantages of Alphanumeric filing

The Alpha — numerical classification has the following advantages in addition to the advantages of both alphabetical and numerical classification.

1. Files can be expanded to an unlimited extent. The reason is that the alpha-numerical classification is an elastic one.

2. It facilitates a quick reference.

3. It avoids the confusion of names of similar nature because of numbers allotted to each name separately.

Disadvantage of Alphanumeric filing

The main drawback or disadvantage of alphanumerical classification of filing system is that it is not suitable to large organization.

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