Advertising in Radio and TV | Advantages | Disadvantages

Advertising in Radio

Radio has been a traditional medium of advertising in India. ‘Vividh Bharathi’ and ‘FM’ are some of the most popular commercial networks of All India Radio.

Radio Advertising - Advantages, Disadvantages

Radio Advertising – Advantages, Disadvantages

Advantages of Radio Advertising

1. Of the various media of advertising, radio has the widest coverage. It can reach any household.

2. Radio advertisement can reach even illiterate people.

3. The advertisement appears in the midst of an interesting programme. Therefore, those who listen to the programme also listen to the advertisement.

4. As the advertisement matter can be presented as a song or as a short story or in some other interesting form, it enhances the
memory value.

5. The advertisement can be broadcast at the regional, national or international levels.

Disadvantages of Radio Advertising

1. Television has now taken the place of radio. Radio has become a less sought after medium.

2. Products requiring technical knowledge cannot be advertised successfully through radio.

3. The advertisement has to be brief. Therefore, all the relevant information cannot be given.

4. As visual effects are totally absent, the advertiser cannot expect the desired impact.

5. Often too many advertisements are broadcast at a time. Therefore, it is doubtful whether each one can leave a lasting impression on the listener.

Advertising in Television

One can say without any hesitation that the advent of satellite television marks the beginning of what may be called advertisement revolution.

Every satellite TV channel is flooded not only with interesting programmes but also with numerous advertisements by Indian as well as international companies.

Television Advertising - Advantages, Disadvantages

Television Advertising – Advantages, Disadvantages

Advantages of Television Advertising

1. Like radio, television also provides a wider coverage. These days television is a common household item.

2. Television advertising can reach every one including the illiterate people.

3. Both audio as well as visual effects can be created through television. Therefore, the advertiser can create the best impact on the viewers.

4. The advertiser can select the programme in which he wants to advertise. He can also select the channel and advertise so as to create the best possible impact on the people. Goods meant for children can be better advertised in the ‘Cartoon network Channel.

5. It is also possible for the advertiser to sponsor a popular programme. As a result, his product will come to be identified with
the programme. This, indeed, is beneficial for the advertiser. For example, ‘Airtel – Super Singer’, has come to be a very popular programme on ‘Vijay TV’.

Disadvantages of Television Advertising

1. Television advertising is very expensive.

2. Advertisements in the midst of interesting programmes only irritate the viewers. Using the remote, they either switch off the TV or change the channel during advertisements.

3. Too many advertisements at a time may not give prominence for any one.

4. As television advertisement is expensive, it has to be brief. Therefore, every relevant information about the product cannot be given.

5. There is also a criticism that the audio-visual effects are used to glorify a not so good product.

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