Advantages of Centralized Mailing Service

Advantages of centralized mailing service

The main object of centralized mail service is to handle the mail efficiently and economically. The following advantages have been derived from the centralization of mailing service.

1. The mailing department or section is responsible for handling of mail i.e. inward, outward and inter-departmental.

2. There is a systematic handling of mail service.

3. Functional departments are relieved from the work of mail handling.

4. It reduces the duplication of work and errors also.

5. Efficient, accurate and speed in mail service is available through the specialization in mail service.

6. An expert and qualified supervisor can appointed to allocate the work. He can evenly distributive entire work among the available personnel and effectively supervise their work without break.

7. There is a better co-ordination of the work in the mailing department.

8. There is a savings in time and money due to specialization, coordination, no error in work etc.

9. Prompt and careful opening of inward mail, careful scrutiny of the envelop and their enclosure, accurate stamping of date and time of receipt and prompt distribution of the mail to proper departments and persons are ensured.

10. Mechanization of the mail service possible at the maximum.

11. Careful folding and insertion in to envelops of the outward mail, proper sealing and stamping of the envelopes, accurate recording in the dispatch register and prompt dispatch or delivery of the mail are also ensured.

12. There is a proper routing of unopened mail of a confidential nature to the proper addressee.

13. There is a best control on the utilization of postage stamps. In other words over stamping, under stamping and / or non-stamping are avoided.

14. The special arrangement with post office is very easy.

15. Labour saving devices such as letter opening, folding and sealing machines can be used economically.

16. This procedure gives best training to new employee in the routine of the office.

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