10 Types of Online Advertising Formats

Different types of online advertising

An ideal advertisement format on the web is given below.

Types of Online Advertising

Types of Online Advertising

1. Banner Ad

A banner contains a short text or graphics to promote a product or service. Banner ad is an object on the webpage. It provides a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website, Banner ad allows the users to open the advertiser’s website as and when they click them, It provides information and at the same time persuades the buyer to buy the product.

2. Pop-up Ad

Pop-up ad appears in its own window, when the user opens or closes a web page. Generally, pop-up-ads are considered very annoying and irritating. The in-build settings in browsers can block such pop-up ads.

3. Interstitial Ad

Interstitial ad opens in one’s own browser window when the a user clicks a link to a new web page. The ad appears for a few moments before the intended web page gets loaded. Many interstitial ads close automatically and allow the intended page to open in the existing browser window,

4. Coupons

Certain companies offer their members discount coupons which they can print and use for both online and offline retainers. Coupons encourage customer to save money and enjoy discounts while shopping. When a customer clicks on certain coupons, it is easy for marketer to know the type of products the customers is interested in purchasing.

The coupons enable the marketers to monitor the customer behavior. People get motivated by online coupons, as online coupons help save money.

For example, cool savings.com provides Online Coupons from major online retailers and department stores, it saves time and money when consumers shop online and they can use discount codes. The coupons offered by them include health, education, clothing, travel, snacks, groceries, beauty products, etc.

5. Reward Programme

When consumers purchase product on internet, they get reward points. Once the reward points get accumulated, it is used for the purchase of products in future. The idea behind offering reward points is to encourage customers to make large purchases and earn more reward points to get more benefits.

For example, Taj Hotels allow customers to earn reward points and enjoy a host of exciting benefits when they use their services around the world. Taj hotels also have another programme designed for valuable corporate bookers. Bookings at the Taj will enable to earn reward points and special offers from the Taj.

6. Pay per advertising view

Companies pay customer to view their advertisements. Example: Cyber Gold.

7. Banner Swapping

It involves a direct exchange of links between websites. “A” company may agree to display the banner of company “B”, which in turn will display the banner of company “A” in the form of a link.

8. Tracking

The response of the viewer of the ad or e-mail can be tracked by placing tiny files called “Cookies” on viewer’s computer. It helps advertisers to receive information on what type of consumers are responding to different offers and also to know the kind of offers that evoke generally good response.

9. E-mail

E-mail has the ability to reach global audience at low cost. Unsolicited e-mail creates negative response and solicited e-mail is well received by customers. Email Advertising offers advantages such as Massive reach, Remarkably educated and affluent audience, Unparalleled targeting, Real-time tracking, Rich media branding, Rich media branding, Lead generation and direct sales.

10. Sky scrappers

Sky scrappers are very long skinny ads. It runs down the left or right side of a website.

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